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thechildrenofsnow asked:

"Hey there! how are you enjoying your electricity? computer and internet? your freedom of speech? all things created by white people! you are welcome PoC! please enjoy! ^___^"








How are you enjoying your sciences and mathematics? your religion and philosophy? your civilization?

All these things where created by Black People!

You’re welcome Whitey!! 


White people invited electricity? I totally thought it was a phenomena of nature, but…coooool. And how was freedom of speech ‘invented’? You can say whatever you want, wherever you want. It just might not be legal, but…this was cute. Totally cute. 

White people learned how to USE electricity! the reason you have light in your home is because of white people.

That’s not what you said. Don’t get angry because you don’t properly express your way of thinking and embarrass yourself.

I didn’t embarrass myself…I figured you guys knew what I meant but clearly not. But I am far from embarrassed.:) 

White people took away freedom of speech. Research “authoritarianism”.

You are aware that the most authoritarian cultures on this planet are non-white, right? While white people’s “invention” of authoritarianism is debatable, PoC took that ball and ran with it. The only Orwellian states on the planet belong to PoC.

Are you proud?

Proud? Very. And even if any of what you’ve just stated was even remotely true, the fact still lies, that white people were the creators of social hierarchy, and authoritarianism. Not only that, but they are the strongest enforcers of it.

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