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We are gypsies 😛

No you are not

How to Be a “Gypsy”: The Picture Tutorial [Graphic Images]

PLEASE stop using the word ‘gypsy’ in relation to bellydance! It’s a horrendous slur that is used NOW to dehumanize and express hatred by Neo-Nazis and white supremacists against the Rromani.

“Using the word “Gypsy” is not only inaccurate but perpetuates the continuation of stereotypes that portray Roma as beggars, swindlers, and thieves; thus the phrase: “I’ve been gypped”. The romanticized image of the “Gypsy” is alive and well in song lyrics, novels, costume parties, musical groups, and other forms of cultural imagery: “They are exotic women in colorful skirts, dancing in sensual swirls. They are dark en with smoldering eyes. They are carefree spirits playing the tambourine.” 1 They dance by campfires, travel in caravans, tell fortunes with crystal balls or Tarot cards.

But as VOR president Sani Rifati writes:

“I won’t play you a sad song on my violin. I do not have a bandana. I do not have a golden tooth. I do not have long hair or a golden hoop in my ear. I am just trying to speak up for my people:

  • to tell you about their suffering and the persecution they’ve endured throughout the centuries
  • to ask you to fight against ignorance, prejudice and stereotypes

Simply put, as a place to start: please call me Rom.”

[Source here]

You’re actually racists. -Donya

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Because the Europeans were justified in slaughtering Native Americans because they didn’t agree with Native American culture. #StopWhitePeople2014

Don’t see you vacating your home to native americans, sweetie 

You may not be white, but you’re not native american: by your own logic you need to leave the USA. 

Actually, I am. Both my grandparents (on my mother’s side) were native. My grandfather fully, and my grandmother half native, half Jewish. But I do wish I could leave this shitty, racist, capitalist, overly-white country. The only reason I’m here is because of the kidnapping of Africans, and usage of them as a commodity by greedy capitalist Europeans who felt entitled to everything.

Also, my father is full native American. His people were forced out of their land and some made as slaves to serve Europeans.


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