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Canadian sex workers respond to a new anti-prostitution law.

A bill written up by survivors of sex trafficking

but i guess we’ll ignore that

reblogging because I didn’t know that, and would like to inform others.

Apparently the goal of the bill is to criminalize the purchase (and purchaser), not the labor sex workers provide. This would then be a very important positive step in knocking down misogynistic capitalist systems.

However, the article linked provides some criticism of that claim, detailing how it would, in fact, criminalize certain aspects of sex labor in a way that damages women and sex workers in general.

Reblogging for Canadians.

And The Native Women’s association of Canada (NWAC) supports decriminalization of prostitution but criminalization of the demand, which is very important since First Nations women make up 52% of Canada’s sex workers : and 95% of them wish to leave the industry. 

This is not “knocking down capitalist systems”. This is keeping them alive. I support the criminalization of capitalism and any support of it.

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