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Every feminist loves that one. Women who don’t behave produce serial killers. They neglect/abuse their children, destroy their bodies, become objects because they’ve fucked too many guys to count, spread disease.

I love seeing pictures of women chugging their liquor and then vomiting it in their…

Yes. Because women are the root of all problems and should be obedient, or else they should be punished by  their male counter-parts! Women are abusers. Women are neglectful. Women lack empathy. Women lack intellect. & Women don’t deserve to make major choices  because they aren’t smart enough. They don’t have “leadership ” potential. This chick makes oh-so-much sense. Because every woman doesn’t deserve to have her own opinion, and she’d better become a mother or she’s a bad person! *Shame* *Shame* *SHAME!!!* On you ALL!

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